Terms and Conditions – Party Pop Star

Party Pop Star is a trading name of ‘Big Jam Studios Limited’

A £75 deposit will be required to confirm all party bookings. Such deposit is non-refundable. Deposits are transferable if notice to move a date is received outside of 21 days of a party date. “Big Jam Studios” reserves the right to waive or alter such deposit requirement in its unfettered discretion. Party bookings for which no deposit has been received by “Big Jam Studios” shall not be held more than 24 hours. 
Dates are offered to customers on a first come, first serve basis. The only way to secure a date is to pay a deposit to “Big Jam Studios.” In the event of a double-booking error by any of “Big Jam Studios” staff or booking software, a full refund or alternate date shall be offered.

If a party is cancelled by the client within 7 days of a party date, the balance of 50% of the full party fee is due and will be manually taken by the same payment method used for the deposit. If the full party fee has been paid and a party has been cancelled, “Big Jam Studios” will refund 50% of the party fee back to the client. The remaining 50% shall be considered a cancellation fee to cover the downtime of the studio space.
Any other client cancellation outside of 7 days of a party date results in the £75 deposit being lost by the client.
Parties cannot be discounted for finishing early or starting late due to the client’s wishes. Parties cannot be discounted by no show party guests on the day. The booked and agreed session time and duration with “Big Jam Studios” shall remain the full session fee.

Any balance payment for a session with “Big Jam Studios” is due in full 7 days before the agreed party date. Payments will be manually taken by the same payment method used for the deposit.

Once “Big Jam Studios” has supplied the specified Audio, Video and Photography files to the client for the party type booked, the copies held at the studio can be deleted without prior notice to the client. The client agrees to back up and store these files safely at their own discretion.


“Big Jam Studios Limited” and its staff are covered with public liability insurance. Every member of our team undergoes a rigorous recruitment and training process and DBS check before becoming a member of “Big Jam Studios”. All electrical equipment used is either brand new or PAT tested for safety.
Please note, for safety reasons, at least one other adult, in addition to the entertainer, must be present the whole time the entertainment is running. This does not mean they have to be helping with the party, but they must be present should they be needed in the event of an accident arising. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure this happens.
We retain the right not to conduct certain activities if we feel the children are not responding appropriately, or are too riotous and therefore we deem it unsuitable to conduct certain activities at the party.

“Big Jam Studios” will provide studio space and the services of trained party hosts performing the roles of a recording engineer and photographer for the duration of the party.

Client shall be responsible for any loss or damage to “Big Jam Studios” property incurred by Client, employees of Client, guests of Client, or agents of Client, as a result of misuse, negligence, and or carelessness.

Smoking of any type is not allowed anywhere in the premises. Big Jam Studios reserves the right to cancel the session if smoking occurs during a session without any refund.

Disobedience of these terms and conditions by the Client or a guest of the Client will be grounds for removal of the said person or persons from the property, immediate termination of this agreement, and loss of future use of “Big Jam Studios”. In the event of termination of this agreement due to such causes, there will be no refund of monies paid by the Client. Big Jam Studios or its representative will have the sole right to make such a determination.

Clients assume all risks associated with storing personal items, equipment and files on or off the premises of Big Jam Studios.
Clients shall hold “Big Jam Studios” harmless from any and all damage that might occur to said articles, sound recordings and files for any reason.

“Big Jam Studios liability with respect to “downtime” of any and all parties as a result from equipment malfunction or availability, personnel, acts of nature or public utility companies, etc., shall be limited solely to the party fee paid to “Big Jam Studios”; and client(s) agree to hold “Big Jam Studios” harmless from any and all damages from such “downtime”.
“Big Jam Studios” makes no warranties either express or implied other than those contained herein. “Big Jam Studios” shall not be liable for unforeseen of consequential damages of any kind. Should “Big Jam Studios” be unable to conduct a party for any reason, then “Big Jam Studios” warrants that it shall re-book such cancelled booking at another time that is mutually available to “Big Jam Studios” and the client.
Rates, policies, and equipment may change without displayed, written or verbal notice.

All complaints are dealt with seriously. In the case where Big Jam Studios are found to be at fault we will offer to correct or replace the service that has been paid for. Complaints should be made in writing to kevin@bigjamstudios.co.uk, or to the studio address, FAO “Studio Manager”.

Big Jam Studios respects your privacy. Any information gathered will be used to provide you with the best service and will be discarded after your session with the exception of basic contact details. You can opt out of our mailing lists via a link in the email.
The parent grants permission for the creation of all images, videos and audio content. Unless requested by the parent, Big Jam Studios has the right to use the images and recordings for the use of their own PR and advertising by hosting on their own website and social media pages. No images are shared with third party organisations or individuals

As a security provision, CCTV is recorded and monitored throughout the premises.

This constitutes the entire agreement between the Client and Big Jam Studios, and may not be modified, changed, or terminated in any way unless there is a written agreement signed by both parties. By booking time at Big Jam Studios, the Client agrees that they have read and understood the terms and conditions of this Agreement and do hereby agree to the provisions.